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The culture, the difference and the profession

New members of CAT Event are amazed at the opening remark of project review meetings from the boss, as a reminder to affirm the “2 & 8 culture”. In other words, only 2/10 of the time and content for praises, the remaining 8/10, especially for deepening, finding causes and solutions to overcome shortcomings.

Simplicity but difference, is an effective conductor, making each Event CAT member deeply absorbed the philosophy towards perfection and customer orientation that CAT Event founders have built up from the first days of establishment.
Moreover, over time, inspirational projects increasingly make the philosophy ever green and lively.


Not only do we have:
Talent – Creation – Knowledge – Glorification
But also appreciate:
Diligence – Meticulosity – Practice – Criticism

Be different from “non-purpose hard-working“, we need our team members to show “proactive diligence“.
Diligence is the first criterion of a challenging event staff position at CAT Event.


No training course is as good as practical work. Practices, which are always transformative and flexible, so each event staff always confronts that by thinking and acting simultaneously.
It’s the perfect way of progressing.

In the event industry, you don’t need anyone to praise you for being proactive or creative. Experts look at a passed events with a different angle, where there is a need for extremely strict and completely objective criticism to keep the team in the best for every upcoming limit.


CAT Event these days is confident towards more challenging, future-oriented projects for event industry development in Vietnam.

Founded in 2004, CAT Event has now become one of the leading brands in its field, with thousands of small and large events throughout Vietnam and abroad.

Since 2007, CAT Event has been able to organize marketing-branding events for major brands such as Samsung, De Heus, CJ, Nike, Siemens, Biomin, Nissin, Hishamitsu, Vinasoy, Sabeco, 555, Casio G- shock … as well as a large number of large scale inauguration events with the participation of heads of state.

We have also organized many great community-cultural events, such as Vietnam Amateur Music Festival, Vietnam Rice Festival, Vietnam Fruit Festival, Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival, Dalat Flower Festival, Festival Hue, Korean Food Festival, Thai Village Festival, Asian Food Festival …

CAT Event these days is confident towards more challenging, future-oriented projects for event industry development in Vietnam.


What the most precious element we have.

Phan Văn Tuấn


Dương Đình Phú

Chief Production

Perry Conner

Creative Director

Nguyễn Thị Thuỳ Dương

Service Manager


These brands aren’t trophies,
you’re friends we’ve met on our journey