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Founded in 2004, the thousands of events that CAT Event has already organized successfully over the past 15 years are the demonstration that we are the Event Organizer you need.

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Thuc hanh lien tuc
Tan tuy chi tiet
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These brands aren’t trophies, you’re friends we’ve met on our journey.


When we have enough confidence in our knowledge as well as can do a thing by ourselves, we would create miraculous moments.

About us

Marketing knowledge – Event planning skill help us associate client’s brand into the event, reach far more important and effective goals of the business.

Not only an event agency, CAT Event are qualified to directly implement and take responsibility for its production standards and that is the foundation of an increasingly perfect service.

We master the method to develop and create the concept, script, story board, shooting script of director, film production. Not only serving in the event, excellent clips will also be valuable documents for customer PR campaign later, and that is so effective with optimal costs.